Just me and the birds again.

It is the summer solstice! It’s the day I’ve been waiting for all week. And I haven’t slept at all! I’ve been up all night watching conspiracy theories (I love a good conspiracy to solve) and I’m still rather alert at the moment, I am hoping I still am at sunset. I have my plans for today and my ritual all set up I’m just hoping I can stay awake.

But still being up with the birds again is nice. Watching the sky get light and the longest day wake up is refreshing even if I couldn’t see the sunrise from my little back garden.

Considering my mood yesterday I feel remarkably positive for someone who had no sleep, I should probably meditate and raise my vibration for today. So I’m going to that now. I hope you all have a wonderful Litha Sabbat and enjoy the longest day. I will send out all the positivity I have and hopefully I receive some back! Blessed be.