A beacon of positivity

Today is a good day people ♥️ I have woken up refreshed and alive! Ready for the week ahead and full of positivity. My cards agree too it’s my time to shine.

I have a few ideas for a book now, I’m going to attempt to put them to paper, well, computer screen. See how they turn out, If it’s a short story and not the book I was after I might start a short story page too share them with you. Moving the working from home station to a more sunny position this week. That should help the motivation as I can watch the world go by.

The solstice was amazing, I got to watch so many videos of talented people singing and playing instruments, reading stories and poetry. I can’t wait for next year when I can actually go and meet some of these amazing people. I feel I got so much positive energy sent to me and I tried to send mine right back. Anyone who needs some love today, some energy or just some reassurance, I am here and you are amazing!! Blessed be.