Enjoying the sunshine.

Today’s weather has been absolutely incredible! so warm with a light breeze with all the birds and bees busy working about their days. I seem to have found my motivation today or was just blessed in my sleep. I woke up at a reasonable time this morning and hade a cup of tea whilst reading my new book, Grimoire for the green witch by Ann Moura. I have been waiting for this book for a while now as my wonderful husband ordered it for me, its my birthday next week and I have had a steady flow of trinkets and information from the postman delivered this week. I went out for a nice 2 mile walk in the sunshine and was very glad I remembered to put sun cream on my shoulders otherwise I would be a very deep shade of red!

I had nothing for the birds and animals today but I will ensure to make some bits up for them this week, instead I blessed a few trees and gave thanks for all around me. I know there is plenty more I could do but I haven’t plucked up the courage to try and actual ritual or spell yet, like I said I’m still learning. once I got home I chilled out in the garden and cleansed all my crystals so they could charge in the warm sun. I’m going to try some chakra aligning yoga before bed, hopefully that will get rid of some of the tension I’ve had the last few days.

I hope for another day of peace and clarity again tomorrow and more time spent out in nature, I hope all who read this have a blessed day.

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