Not feeling it today.

I woke up late again today, that seems to be a indicator as to whether my day will be good or bad. I had no energy and no motivation but I made myself do at least a few of the things I said I would, tidy up under the stairs and go for a walk and feed the birds. I wanted to sort a few other bits out and clean and charge my crystals, to meditate within a circle as that is the one thing that seems to bring me peace lately. but I just couldn’t bring myself to do these things, the constant brain chatter has not been my friend today. That’s the beauty of depression you see, when you feel like you have it all under control and life is going great it likes to slip a stick in your bike wheel just to remind you who’s boss.

I will make myself do some sort of meditation before bed although I cant see me being up late tonight. I’ve been told keeping a journal is good for your mental health so I figured why not do a public, complete expose on myself and have it as a blog? if I can reach one person to reach out to someone that makes it worth while. I love writing and find it very therapeutic and have always wanted to share my thoughts with the world. A novel is the ultimate dream but I honestly don’t think I could, Positive Mental Attitude!! I can I will….

What topic could I write about? Fantasy or reality? could I make up a whole story people would read? who knows, maybe one day I might have a short story page on here, then you can all tell me if I’m good enough.

I’m hoping its going to be a better day tomorrow, I am thankful for the beautiful weather we have had the last few days and as always and thankful to my support unit around me. calm, sleep and positive vibes I’m hoping will give me the strength to do what makes me happy. Blessed Be.

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