Clean slate

Over the last few weeks I have been sorting out the house, decluttering and removing everything I don’t need, moving things around to get the best use out of them and making our home flow a bit better.

Unfortunately that resulted in a pile of old crap in the garden that needed to be thrown away and the local dump has been busy everyday since they was able to reopen. I wasn’t risking it so I called a company and got them to do it for me.

So now my house is clear and tidy and the rubbish in the garden is gone, I need to get out and do some gardening to bring it back to life. I was hoping the thunderstorms last night would reduce the temperature a bit today but no such luck. To garden or not to garden.

I will start my day as normal with a cup of tea and meditation, I thank the Goddess for this beautiful day and speak my daily affirmation. Blessed Be everyone, may today bring you all light. Love and positivity ❤️

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