Inspirational Meme’s

I seem to be making many lately, a different decision everyday…. (Google Images)
As long as we do something…. (Facebook)
Yea you are! (Google Images)
Too true… (Facebook)
Namaste and blessed be 💜 (Facebook images)
A feeling I need (Google Images)
I love you always just for trying. 💜 (Facebook)
It’s coming so be ready! 💜 (Facebook)
Just reach out if you need to, don’t suffer in silence 💜 (Facebook)
you are not responsible for the programming you received in childhood. As and adult, you are 100% responsible for fixing it. (Google images)
Moving forward always 💜 (Facebook)
just one step in front of the other is still moving forward. (Google Images)
Rules to live by! (Google images)
And its so hard to change your whole way of thinking sometimes…. (Google Images)
Just keep going, keep trying and never give up on what you dream of. (Google images)
Brush yourself off and keep going! (Google images)
I need to soak in the message from this one right now, its never to late to start again. (Google Images)
As above so below. (Facebook images)
All we can aim for is to be better versions of ourselves. (Google Images)
you can only love someone else fully once you have learned to love yourself. (Google images)
what I try and tell myself everyday (Google Images)
Todays mantra, I mean you too!! (Google Images)
I try to tell myself one thing I love about me every single day. (Google Images)
Forever and always. (Facebook)
Always move forward, one step at a time. (Google Images)
Just be peace, send peace and love peace. (Google images)
(Google images)
I need to breath this right now, no more I will start again tomorrow! (Google Images)
I am the worst for overthinking everything! (Google Images)
Be thankful to have a tomorrow. (Google Images)
The dark just helps show the light through the cracks. (Google images)
We must all try to be better versions of ourselves. (Google images)
Blessed Be! (Google images)
Even if its just a glass of water. (Google images)
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. (Google images)
Look up to the stars, always. (Google images)
I see, I feel, I love. (Google images)
Sometimes it’s all you can do! (Google images)

I hope these can make you smile, give you some confidence and make you realise you always have someone on your side, Blessed be.

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