Short Stories I have written.

Kirstie Elliott

Aspiring writer, Blogger and lover of Magic.

here is the page I am going to be putting all of my short stories that I have written. Some complete, some snippets of larger stories and all from the heart.

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I love all things fantasy and a little bit naughty so just a warning some of these stories might not be for children!

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How she came into this world.

It was a dark night, it could have seemed ominous, yet it felt magical. The clouds were rolling through the misty town, thick with water yet there was no rain, thunder roared yet there was not a flash of lightening to be seen. What looked like fireflies was dancing around in the clouds, but you could not make out where the little lights had come from. People had their heads out the windows and doors listening intently to the night, everyone could feel the heavy and warmth around each and every one of them but could not see where from. Magical and mystical things had often happened around this small town that surrounded the ancient castle. The Queen was a witch, and this was common knowledge in the small town but not so much in the whole Realm. The townspeople loved their rulers, not one of the Gaumond family had ever been a tyrant, not one had ever ordered an execution without fair trial. The people were happy, and the Family kept it that way, if they celebrated so did the whole town, if they Mourned the town mourned with them and they had always protected each other.

It was so very dark in the small and cold castle; the only light came from candles that had to be relit every time the wind blew them out. The screaming and panting were so loud that everyone could listen to her struggle to come into the world,  all hidden in their own corners trying to keep warm and trying not to cry as they could hear the pain in the Queens screams “I don’t care about me, just get the baby out, it’s dying!!” “Ma’am please just let me try” “GET HER OUT” she did not know if the baby was a girl or boy, but she had an inkling. Her time was up, and she knew it. She had lost too much blood already and they were going to have to cut her to get the baby out. She had delivered enough herself to know exactly how this worked.  “Do it now or it will be too late, please, I’m begging you, save my baby!” Another loud rumble of thunder and one last pained scream later the baby’s cry could be heard loud and clear, she was here, and it was just the beginning for her. The midwife wrapped the tiny bundle up in a blanket and placed her in the Queens arms, “it’s a girl Ma’am, she’s beautiful” As she looked down at the tiny bundle in her arms she could feel the overwhelming sense of strong magic, she knew her daughter would have magic, like she knew with her sons before they would not.

As she felt her life fade away she knew she had finally fulfilled the prophesy she had seen within the flames years ago, she had given the new world a saviour. “Evie” was the last word she managed to say before fading away. The midwife took the bundle from her mother and pulled a sheet over her head. “Goodbye ma’am”

All different stories, let me know which ones you like!

The Immortality Spell.

As they began to pack up camp, like so many times before, A different feeling came over Natasha this time. like something was missing or something was not right. her whole life she had packed and moved and had always loved the idea of new lands and new adventures but this time she just did not want to go. this lovely little harbor town with the beautiful sea breeze, glistening sandy beaches and the view from the waterfall. her family never had a home that was the idea of being a traveler but to Natasha, if she did have a home this is what it would feel like. she looked over to Jasmin and River playing in the clothes they were trying to pack up and realized that as much as she loved to travel, she did not want to raise her family that way when she had one. she would do things differently.

“Tash” Alora called, “Can you get the clothes from the kids please, they were clean to start! I thought I told them to pack them not play with them! they began to tie down and gather all their belongings. taping chairs together and packing them away, collecting the rubbish that had been left around and making sure they left it just as they found it. the family had a little ritual they always did when leaving, they carved their initials into a tree. Alora would bind a strand of each of their hairs together and place it in the bark. that way if they ever ran into problems or trouble Alora could conjure them back to the last place they stayed. was a spell that had saved them before on many an occasion and a spell taught by her father, Peter. It had been such an amazing time spent at the castles over the last few months and they were all so blessed to be part of all the royal celebrations, but they had to get back to normal and back on the road.

It was a time like no other in the lands around the falls. Peace reigned throughout the countries and all thrived in the growing communities. There had been many celebrations between the kingdoms and all who lived around the Syreni falls was happy and content, but little did they know that although George did want to rule a thriving happy country, he also wanted something else.

“Carlton, have you the papers? I want to see it for myself. give it to me” he snatched the papers off Carlton and began reading the scribbled writing. “this is all we need? you’re sure you are able to do this” “yes my King if you can get me the items, I can make the immortality spell” “I will get them I assure you my friend. I will protect my children forever and no one will bring me down” he gave the spell back to Carlton for safe keeping and went in search of the five things he needed: Gold, Silver, Blood of a baby, feather of an owl and the most important and most difficult item, the blood of a mermaid.

George entered the bedroom where his wife was sat with the two beautiful babies on her lap “I just can’t believe they are ours George, I can’t believe we made these perfect little babies” as he looked at his wife gushing at their two little children, he knew he was doing the right thing. “My love, I need to talk with you. I have decided to cast a spell… an immortality spell. I want to ensure the safety of my family and the only way I see I can do that is this. I have it and I am going away for a few weeks to get the things I need for it” Mary wasn’t quite sure what to say, it was a lot of information to take in. “what will it make you? if you are immortal then you are no longer human, what does that make you? George walked over and sat next to Mary wrapping his arms around her and the babies, “it makes me your husband and a protector of this family, this Kingdom and nothing will be able to defeat me. my sweet Mary I do not want to end the peace I merely want to have a backup plan in case it does not last. I will not send my children to run and hide like I had to, I will stand and protect them, protect us!” he gently lifted Jamie out from Mary’s arm and pulled him into his chest, cradling his son in one arm and wrapping the other around his wife and daughter he said “I will always protect you and love you and keep you safe. I love my wife for her bravery and beauty, I love my daughter and her tiny little nose, and I love my son, for I will teach him to be proud and loyal. this will cause us no harm I will do this discreetly so no one is aware, and we will be safe” 

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