A little insight into me.

My trip to Hever Castle in Edenbridge.

I tend to look through these photos a lot because it was such a happy day for me, the weather was beautiful, I had some money in my pocket and I was with my favourite people. Its always a good day when I can be outside somewhere beautiful surrounded by water and history.

I took my time to look at all the pictures on the walls inside the castle, trying to memorise the faces and names knowing I probably wouldn’t remember many of them once I walked outside. I am always amazed when I see art or documents that are centuries old, trying to imagine who produced them and how they lived. I would end up day dreaming and walking down the corridors losing who I was with and ending up in a small room with people I didn’t know, frantically looking around I spot my husband and make a bee line towards the exit where they had been waiting for me.

The gardens are spectacular! lots of green hedges and garden ornaments, water gardens and little paths that lead to what felt like fairy land. Although it was fairly busy and we had to wait around half an hour to get into the actual castle I wasn’t to worried about not finding some quiet space, the walk around the lake alone would take you out of the busy grounds and to a much needed quiet space.

Hever castle began as a country house in the 13th century. From 1462 to 1539 it was the seat of the Boleyn family, Anne Boleyn the second queen of Henry the 8th of England spent her youth there, when Anne’s father dies in 1539 it was left in the possession of Henry who later bestowed it to another wife, Anne of cleaves in 1540 following the annulment of their marriage.

The oldest parts of the castle are the gatehouse and the walled bailey, dating back to 1270! In 1903 when it was acquired and restored by William Waldorf Astor who used it as a family home, he added the Italian garden to display his collection of ornaments.

I will surely go back again, to wonder around the grounds a bit more and to really take in the history, I have lots on my list of places to visit but I can imagine it takes a while to get bored of this beautiful place.


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