New things I’ve learnt along the way.


I have been reading a lot about crystals recently and have managed to grow a collection even on lockdown, god bless Ebay and all the delivery drivers out there! I have a few favourites that I would like to share with you.

(Google images)

Amethyst Crystal

It is meant to calm you and heal you, to bring peace into your life and your dreams. It is one of my favourite crystals and the one I chose to wear around my neck with my Pentagram.

(Google images)

Opalite Crystal.

Sometime referred to as the “Merchant stone” because it helps to bring along success in business and in life. Opalite can also ease your nerves and give you strength. It is one of the prettiest crystals in my collection I believe as it always changes colour depending on where the light is.

(Google images)

Rose or Pink Quartz Crystal.

This crystal is one of the main Chakra crystals and is the heart stone. It is said to bring compassion and emotional healing, it is also said to bring peace and love to all your relationships, and who doesn’t want that?

(Google images)

Obsidian Crystal.

Obsidian is also referred to as “the Psychic vacuum cleaner” because it is said to have the properties to clean and protect your soul. It can also protect you from the dark parts of yourself by acting as a mirror to the inner soul. Its dark and beautiful and I am always drawn to it when I see it.

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