New things I’ve learnt along the way.

My Goddess, Hecate.

Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroad’s, the Goddess of protection and magic, of prosperity and daily blessings, her major temples are in Phrygia and Caria in Greece. Her parents were the Titan God Persis and the believed Nymph Goddess Asteria and Hecate herself has neither partner nor children and can be comfortable in the darkness.

Hecate sided with Zeus during the wars between the Titans and the Olympians so she was not banished to the underworld like the rest of the Titan gods, Zeus was said to revere her and have much respect for the Goddess. Her symbols are two burning torches and two black dos by her side, she is also sometimes seen to have a key that is said too represent her being able to travel through the different realms.

Hecate Triformis and Hecate Triodos is said to represent her in three forms. standing back to back at the crossroads so she can see all directions and also said to represent the phases of the moon; full, waxing and waning. She is mentioned during Shakespeare’s play Macbeth during the scene with the three witches around the cauldron.

(Google Images) and Some information from the following website Regula,deTraci.”Hecate:Greece’sDarkGoddessoftheCrossroads.”ThoughtCo,Apr.13,2020,

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