New things I’ve learnt along the way.

This is a page I would like to start and add to, it could be something I have learnt that day or a piece of random knowledge I have acquired over my years, I’m a fountain of useless stuff! This is going to be where I put all the things I want to share with you guys, that isn’t in a blog or meme form. I hope you enjoy reading about all the things that fascinate me.

Nature is my Church. (Google images)

My Gardening adventure.

I haven’t been gardening for very long and I have always said I do not have a green thumb but I have really been trying to learn and keep some flowers alive. I started with a small herb garden that the seeds did not even germinate, what I did I don’t know! I planted and watered them in little pots with potting soil and they just never did anything. so I got some succulents the other week and they are still alive, I have put them in adorable little pots and got some pretty indoor flowers in also adorable pots. Its my own indoor oasis and I love it. put on some music and burn some incense, water my little garden and meditate.

I hope I can keep it alive if it starts to look wilted or sad I am going to be so heartbroken. I have been reading lots of online help tips and watching videos on you tube, I’m hoping the power of love and basic skills can get me through to next year. I have also attempted to plant a small wildflower corner in my back garden, I have put lots of seeds down for meadow flowers and wildflowers and cornered it off. I am hoping its going to look so colourful and pretty next year, the birds and the bees will be so happy.

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