Being my own boss, emotionally.

There are many outside influences that can effect your mental health, for me it is having to much on my plate and not being able to give one thing my full attention or being to impatient, I expect to see results immediately sometimes and that is just not realistic. The weather also plays a big part in my mental health, the sunshine sincerely makes everything better!

Knowing your triggers and the things that can help you focus are good but sometimes you cant even muster the motivation to do these things, so you sit and think about all the ways to make yourself feel better, to help you focus all while sat on your arse doing nothing… just me? The master of procrastination.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head but none of them actually come to fruition, what’s wrong with me?

I will be spending today trying to focus on my diploma, trying to do something productive so I don’t feel like a failure again. I have been trying to sort out finding and moving house, I have also started my driving lessons and booked my test for December so fingers crossed it all falls into place and by Christmas I have a moving date and a car! its just finding the patience to wait until then! The main goal it so tick one thing of the lists every month, no rush as my plans are not happening just yet so I have time to figure out the best working plan for me. I need to update the vision board I think!

I hope that you manage to get something productive done today too if that’s what you feel you need, if not its Saturday so take it easy! I will leave you with a little hack I found online in meme form that I’m intending on using today to boost my mood! Blessed Be.

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