Is there a bully group chat!?

I shared my post with you guys last week about bullying, about the issues my daughter was facing and that I understood how she feels. And then I get a follow request from one of my bullies!?

I had a problem with this “woman” since I was in my teens. She looks down her nose at me and called me all sorts of names. Fast forward ten years and She then decided to sleep with my fiance and get pregnant, don’t get me wrong he certainly enjoyed the fact of how much we dislike each other too.

Following this I get approximately three years of abuse. Calls in the middle of the night, text messages full of nasty comments, coming up to me in the street anytime she saw me, again shouting abuse wether my daughter was there or not. It finally ended after I had a harassment order and restraining order placed against her.

Welcome back to today! I haven’t heard, seen or had any contact since 2014 until I have the police called for my daughter then pops up a follow request. I deleted and ignored but it’s playing on my mind.

Why do bullys feel the need to check in? I’ve had messages from my daughter’s bullies asking me how dare I bring the police into this…. I’ve had requests from my bullies suddenly popping up. What the hell is happening!?

So today is a day of cleansing. I will be burning my sage sticks around the house and myself, I will be setting up my crystal grid so promote positive vibes and cleansing energies and may even attempt a clear all curses spell, just to make sure!! I hope you all enjoy your wonders day!

Please visit my blog and read about my sponsored walk I’m completing on the 5th sept for an amazing little boy. We need to raise as much as we possibly can and I would really appreciate all the help we can receive for him!! Blessed be.

4 thoughts on “Is there a bully group chat!?

  1. Bullies get bored if they donโ€™t have someone to mess with, I believe. They wonโ€™t admit it, but they are usually people who are miserable and hate their lives and I suppose they want everyone else to be miserable, too!

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  2. This post broke my heart for you. Being a survivor of bullying and advocate for the bullied, I can tell you that bullies always have to have a victim. You did the best thing by ignoring her request because if she bullied you for so long, she would do it again since enough time has passed. Anytime you’ve been bullied, self-care is of the utmost importance. So, please. Don’t let it bother you. Know that you did the right thing for yourself by rejecting her request. Also know that you have value and that you matter no matter what. Wishing you all the peace, happiness and prosperity your heart and hand can hold.

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