Every little helps.

I am back, who missed me? no I didn’t either. I have added a new page to my blog and I am asking all you lovely people to pop over and have a look for me, please! its for a great cause and I’m trying to help out a friend. I am doing a sponsored 8 mile walk and its going to be painful, I’m praying it doesn’t rain. I will pop a link at the bottom of this page to the charity and cause I am walking for.

I have been a bit of a rollercoaster the last few weeks, every good day is followed by two shit ones but I am trying to stick to my routine. water the flowers, meditate and do yoga. eat healthier (Although chocolate and coffee are my two favourite things at the moment) but there are still days I’m fighting my mental health. Just a reminder that this battle will never be won, I will never be cured just manageable.

and then you read stories about Jacob, he and his whole family are such and inspiration for perseverance. you need it, and hope, love, support. all those things matter and can make all the difference in life. I am going to hug my loved ones a little bit tighter tonight, tell them I love them just one more time. Blessed Be

To read more about Jacob’s project and how to support him, please visit: https://www.sullivansheroes.org/projects/jacobs-journey-for-home-adaptions/

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