Guess who’s writing a book…

I have started! The plan is in motion! My book has begun!

I started writing at the beginning of the last weekend and got completely immersed. I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much, well on here anyway. Do you want a snippet? Just a paragraph? Ask and you shall receive.

I finally have a story I want to write, a plan of what the story is and how it’s going to end. It has given me some motivation which is good because my mood the last few days has been down.

I feel the need to get away. To go somewhere rich in history and nature and be by myself. No responsibility, no plans and no outside influences. Just me, nature and the spirits. An awakening if you will, a spiritual journey. I really feel like I need it.

Until then I will just try to lose myself in my own fantasy world I’m creating. Where anything could happen and the smallest thing can mean greatness. I have signed up to do some volunteer work and hope doing things for others might help me find myself. Blessed be ♥️

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