I love the smell of rain.

I woke up this morning before the alarm went off, had a few minutes in bed to be grateful for waking up again, to be grateful for everything that I have and will have, for the raising of my vibration this morning. I can feel it. The sun was shining through the cracks in the curtains and I could feel it was going to be warm and muggy today. Did my normal routine, cuppa, cards and yoga. Attempted a workout again but died again. I think I might stick to yoga!

Then it started to rain… I absolutely love the smell of the rain, people tell me I’m crazy when I say I can smell the rain if it’s coming but I genuinely can! It’s fresh and earthy, its refreshing and energising and it’s one of my favourite smells. When I’m down a walk through the woods in the rain is normally a good way to appreciate the world and nature we live in. Blessed be.

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