Self care and food!

As promised I have felt very fragile today, the alcohol went down very nicely coupled with the BBQ food. the weather didn’t really hold out but I was able to collect some rain water for my Alter, so silver lining and all that, plus I enjoyed a little time out in the rain, it was cleansing.

I haven’t done much today, slept late, ate a lot of the food that was left over and heaved every time I saw a drink. I’m definitely not drinking again for a while! and its been a good let go which is what we was supposed to do for the beautiful strawberry moon. Now I can focus on becoming a normal productive human again and getting back into my meditation routine and reading my books but for the rest of today I can laze around and play games on my computer.

This weekend has been a bit of a blur but it has been a good weekend, a nice recharge and getting things into perspective again. I am grateful for my life, I am grateful for the people I have a round me and I am grateful to the universe. Blessed be.