Strawberry moon and my birthday.

It is my birthday tomorrow, just another day once you get passed a certain age, just a reminder you should be another year wiser. I have grown this year at least, spent a lot of time learning who I really was and still making revelations today! therapy and counselling, medication and meditation, making decisions that were hard but also the right thing to do. Today has consisted of buying food for the small party/ gathering of four people I can have in my home tomorrow. My sister, bless her has been buzzing around all day doing little things I’m not allowed to see, its adorable.

The strawberry moon tonight, I’m excited and have felt pretty good all day waiting for my birthday moon, yes I’m calling it that and I know its not but hey, its kept my mood up today. I look forward to seeing all the celebrations and party’s people had when I go through my reader and social media. I just don’t feel like I’m ready to do a ritual on my own yet, I need guidance and I’m prepared to wait to do it properly, so for now I’m just happy looking out for the moon and thanking the god and goddess for this blessed day.

I hope you all have a wonderful full moon and have a blessed day tomorrow, I shall be enjoying lots of food and drink and merriment! blessed be.

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