Just another day today.

I haven’t done anything special today, I haven’t meditated or gone for a walk, I haven’t done any exercise or read a book. What I have done is totally clean my house from top to bottom, I’m lucky and get a hand with these things but my sister wasn’t feeling her best today so I took over. It was satisfying just getting everything organised, I have decided in my head how I’m decorating the dining room yet like most other projects in my mind its a case of waiting for thing to fall into place to start or waiting for funds to arrive. I sorted out my wardrobe and all the kitchen cupboards, hoovered EVERYWHERE! I love my hoover, and yes I’m aware of how old and what a mother that makes me sound like but seriously, find me 30 something mother who doesn’t love a good working hoover! especially when I’m only 5″1 I need the long pole for the cobwebs.

I have been thinking about moving my computer desk from the bedroom to the front room, more space, a bit lighter and will serve me well if I get to work from home full time but I am terrible for sitting watching you tube and researching for hours into the night and I might get lonely downstairs on my own, at least upstairs I’m with the hubby while he is on his PlayStation. Decisions, Decisions.

I’m going to try and wind down now with a cup of tea and hot shower and look forward to my day of sorting and spirituality tomorrow. Blessed be.

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