Working from home…. WooHoo!!

So like everyone else in this uncertain time I have been quarantined to my house. for me this isn’t a issue, I spend most of my time here and this is my safe bubble. people come in when I say and people leave me alone when I say. for people like my sister and my daughter its a struggle.

they are chomping at the bit to get out in the sunshine and apparently sorting out my shit hole of a garden just doesn’t cut it for outside entertainment. they have resorted to painting my hallway and I for one am not complaining! I sit here at my desk having finished my days work wondering what to do now. I have slept an awful lot for someone who is supposed to be coming to the end of her CBT and Therapy and am yet to find a project I can really sink my teeth into, other than my Blog. I play silly games on the computer and my phone, I watch so much tv and I’m trying to get back to a book a week but some days I really find it hard just to pick the book up.

So I am looking for a project, an idea I can flow with. I have been writing a lot but to me it just seems like random words. I cant seem to flow with an idea instead I’m starting new ones all the time but not getting invested in them. maybe this time being at home with everyone around me will give me ideas for a comedy!

until my inspiration strikes I guess I will just here and drink tea, hoping it knocks for me in my sleep or something!?

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