Something Else to talk about.

I have been thinking lately as much as I want to help others with sharing how I feel, it also doesn’t give me much to write about without feeling a bit self centred.

So I’m hoping to share some ideas of things I like and review them in a way. Any suggestions would also be welcome and please feel free to share with your friends if you think it would be something they would enjoy reading too or they enjoy the things I talk about.

I am a bit of a sucker for History, anything involving royal families from around the 1400’s onwards. I love to read and write, obvs! I love TV programs and movies but prefer the series, it lasts longer and I am very much a season a day kinda girl, I cant be dealing with one episode a week!

I don’t read as much as I would like, the last thing I read was an Autobiography and I’m currently reading a book on Druidcraft, an interesting concept so far but I still have a way to go. I have been searching for something lately, a meaning, a faith in something. I figured I would read all sorts of books on all sorts of abstract and ancient religions. the mainstream doesn’t interest me, I doesn’t inspire faith in me. any books you think I should read feel free to comment.

Nature is what feels like home to me. being in the woods or around water, walking in the sunshine or just sitting and feeling the earth, there is a connection with me that I am unsure of where it comes from but know I have always felt it, there is energy there. and the start of this book is telling me the same so I am open to its interpretation

The Supernatural has always been an interest to me too, magic and witchcraft, demons and angels, life and death. it’s a balance that shouldn’t be able to be messed with and yet the Supernatural is exactly that, unbalancing of nature and the dark side of the light. I watch all the programs (Vampire diaries, Originals, Supernatural, True Blood, Grim, Game of Thrones) and Many more, I am sometimes known to get engrossed in these worlds, to find myself dreaming and imagining my characters place in these worlds, if I would have one.

So this is the book that I am currently reading and I will give you all a full rundown of it once I have finished but the bit I have read so far I am intrigued and open to its concepts.

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