The silver lining

I’m sorry I’ve not written in a while, I took some time out for self care, took myself away for a few days of laughing, drinking and a lot of walking!

Every once in a while when you have been using your techniques, keeping up with your medication and taking time for yourself you do feel better!
I cherish this time when I seem to be unclouded, when I can look at the sky and the trees and appreciate all that is around me. When I can look at the ones I love and admire them for their strength. To be able to appreciate the way they have supported me and never judged me, to give back for all I feel they gave me in my dark days. I love spoiling them and really telling them how much they mean to me. No better feeling than to love and be loved.

You never know how long these periods will last so you have to appreciate it while you can.

I’m the annoying person on the street stopping to take photos of random stuff. The weird blue in the sky or the way the sun shines through gaps in leaves. On my good days I love to look through them and appreciate the beauty of nature all around me and all the beautiful places I’ve been lucky to be.
I find water very calming, I like sitting by it listening to the waves or watching all the life around the rivers and lakes. It’s beautiful.

I feel like you really need to savour these days, there are days in the dark where I’m begging to see the beauty in the world but it’s just all grey. When the colours shine, I shine!

It’s hard to live with someone who has depression and anxiety, I feel personally that as a sufferer, if you expect the ones around you to be a true support unit you need to give some back when you can. It’s easy to be selfish but I read once…
Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either.
And that is not a place I want to go, I’ve watched that, I’ve felt that and I lived that!! Maybe that’s why I make sure to show appreciation and to try and do what I can when I can. I try to be a good person.

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